Client versus Designer…

“Just do what you think, I trust you”

These 8 simple words are the words that every designer yearns to hear from their clients.

Being a designer is not always all fun and games and many times boils down to good PR.

As a designer you have a certain “vision” when being assigned to a project but at the same time that “vision” needs to collide with the clients “vision” and what there necessities are. And with this vision the name of both the client and the designer is stamped on the final design.

There are so many factors that you, as a designer, need to consider before jumping head first into the designing process. Factors such as: Is what the client wants possible and realistic? Is it ethical? Will the vision of your client be best suited for the purpose of the design? Do you have all the necessary files to start your design process (such as images, text, background info etc.)?

There are some challenges to being a designer but the biggest challenge you could face is having to “Design” a project for a client when you know that the design elements are not appropriate or that the design is not ethical, and then having to suggest to the client what could work better and being denied the “freedom of speech” to the job that you were assigned to do.

Designers have the urge to feel proud of their work, especially when it will be available to the public, and clients should be able to trust that a designer have their best interest at heart. Clients on the other hand has a vision for their brand and as a designer it is your responsibility to find the middle ground, know when to listen, when to lead and when to step away from the project should there not be a happy medium.

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