Open vs Received: E-newsletter stats

We get the question so often: “Why does only 20 odd percent of my database receive my E-Newsletter, surely the platform used is not successful? “ The reason for this is that, “received” does not necessarily mean “opened and read” Mails are send and with most platforms you can track, bounces and who opened them, unfortunately the industry statistics for actual “opens” are not as high as most clients would like. Should this mean you should not be sending Newsletter then? Not at all! E-newsletters remain one of the best ways of communicating to your database, you now just need to insure your database grow so that the percentage reached will increase.

Timeless Talks use the platform Mailchimp and they recently share their industry statistics, keeping mind they service more than 9 million users worldwide:

"There are a lot of numbers in MailChimp's free reports, but you might be wondering how your email-marketing stats compare to others in the same industry. What kind of open rates should companies like yours expect? How many bounces are too many? What’s an acceptable abuse complaint rate? The more context, the better. MailChimp sends billions of emails a month for more than 9 million users. Needless to say, we track a lot of data. So we scanned hundreds of millions of emails delivered by our system (where campaign tracking was activated, and where users reported their industry) and calculated the average unique open rates, average unique click rates, average unique soft bounces, average unique hard bounces, and average unique abuse complaint rate by industry.

What’s the average open rate for email-marketing campaigns? What kind of click rates are other people in your industry getting? How many bounces are normal? How many spam complaints are too many? These are the kinds of questions you should be asking as an email marketer—learning the answers will help you improve your newsletters. MailChimp scanned hundreds of millions of email campaigns to get the stats. Here’s what we learned.

Next time we share tips on improving your stats with proper content and layout!

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